Goat skin Characteristics Goatskin is more durable than cowhide. It is softer because of the lanolin in the leather. This lightweight hide is flexible, so you typically do not have to break in goatskin products. It is more durable than cowhide and is water-resistant. Goatskin is warm, but breathable, so it is comfortable to wear. Goatskin has a pebble-like grain, so the grain has distinctive ridges. Goatskin leather is produced into straight-grained leather that is rolled in the same direction while it is drying, and crushed goatskin is rolled and ironed to flatten the ridges. Kidskin is from young goats, and is very soft. Care Goat leather should be cleaned with a mild, pumice-based soap, but not rubbed. Rinse it with water, but do not over-wet. Pat the leather dry with a clean towel, and apply a leather conditioner. Do not apply a leather conditioner to unsealed leather products. Allow the leather to air dry completely. Do not store your leather products in high-humidity areas or they can grow mildew. Do not dry clean or store your leather near chemicals.
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